​​​           Starving the South is a hardcore/southern rock band based out of southwest Missouri. The band is comprised of Joshua Cortright (guitar) Bobby Nichols (vocals) Andrew Lyons (drums) Jonathon "Burrito" Escobedo (bass). Formed in the Spring of 2014, it was a shock that they hadn't formed earlier. While Bobby, Josh and Andy had previous bands together and played all around the midwest, Jonathon was out on the circuit playing everything from local bars to sold out arenas. When the four finally teamed up, they knew they had something special. With an urge to push themselves and bring a certain uniqueness to the table, they are constantly working on bettering themselves and impressing others, especially the stingy hardcore scene that dwells in the Southwest, MO.
         Upon the release of their first EP, Skeleton Coast, they drew a lot of attention from local music fans as well as musical acts the same. With their southern guitar hooks and high energy breakdowns all intertwined with lyrically balanced outrage, it was certainly an ear grabber for the SWMO scene.
         In the short time they've assembled, they've already accomplished airplay on the unsigned/undiscovered hardcore bands segment that is featured out of Excelsior Springs, MO. They've locked down a concert for the Carnival of Ink in April of 2016 that boasts to be the biggest turnout that the festival has ever had. They've also topped the Reverbnation local hardcore charts currently sitting at #1.
            Their goals and aspirations have been set rather high for only being a band for just over a year. With the recording and release of their new album set to come out by late 2015, they are more than prepared to stake their claim and earn their badges in the Missouri hardcore community.